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Welcome to the Victimization Lab (VicLab), a space for the discussion, development and promotion of Crime Victimization Surveys. The VicLab has four main objectives:

  1. Promote the generation of information for monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals, especially indicators 16.1.3, 16.1.4, 16.3.1, 16.5.1 and 11.7.2, so that the region has standardized, comparable, regular and quality data, through LACSI; 
  2. Develop Member States' capacities for the generation of victimization data, through technical assistance and face-to-face or online training; 
  3. Generate new knowledge on Crime Victimization Surveys, through specialized discussion meetings, talks with specialists, study of existing methodologies and models, and field testing; 
  4. Serve as a data repository available for analysis and evaluation of security and criminal justice policies, through its Atlas on Crime Victimization Surveys.

In the following links you can explore VicLab materials and activities that promote knowledge about crime victimization.


Inicio_VICLACIs it possible to measure victimization in a comparable way? That is the aim of LACSI, a standardized methodology created in 2013. More…

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Inicio_AtlasWithout data, assessment and monitoring become impossible. That is why, as the custodian agency of SDG 16, we present the Atlas on Victimization Surveys.  More..

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