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Strengthening Public Security 

Based on international standards and best practices, the project aims to strengthen the design and implementation of Public Safety Strategies developed by the three levels of government.

With the support of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), security institutions will be able to identify areas of opportunity and provide comprehensive and focused recommendations to improve the effectiveness of security policies in terms of:

  • Prevention
  • Police operation
  • Evidence-based decision making

This project offers a rigorous, confidential and critical analysis to provide comprehensive and focused recommendations with a gender and human rights perspective. 

 The following strengthening options are available for those interested: 


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  1. Evaluation and strengthening of prevention policies. Adherence to 45 different elements is analyzed based on the "United Nations Guidelines on Crime Prevention".
  2. Diploma course on violence and crime prevention. Aimed at increasing and consolidating the knowledge and skills of personnel responsible for designing, implementing and evaluating public policies in this area.
  3. Evaluation and strengthening of police operability and territorial deployment. Coordination, intelligence processes, police deployment and operations, as well as the incorporation of Human Rights and Gender Perspective in police actions are diagnosed.
  4. Evidence-based decision making. Review of strengths, weaknesses and detection of areas of opportunity in the generation, use and exploitation of administrative records and official sources.

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