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Strengthening Public Security (SPS)


In accordance to international standards and best practices, the SPS project seeks to evaluate, diagnose and strength both the design and the implementation of Public Security Strategies developed by local, state or national governments.

The proposed improvements on design and execution of Strategies, added to the adherence to International Standards, will improve the government response towards insecurity and develop a evidence based decision making processes.


The diagnose and evaluation propose by the Strengthening Public Security project contemplates 4 stages. Which, through documental and field analysis, will evaluate:

  1. Process and methodology used on the design and implementation of security strategies
  2. Build and harnessing of statistical data for police intelligence and decision making.
  3. Design and implementation of prevention programs and police deployment.
  4. Overall effectiveness and outcomes of the Public Security Strategies implemented.


Expected outcomes:

Based on specific diagnoses, the SPS project aims to give specific recommendations to help decision makers and public officials on Security Agencies to improve and enhance their results. These recommendations come from the analysis of opportunity areas, administrative coherence, methodological soundness and implementation structure in accordance to international standards and best practices.

Concrete actions are proposed so that policymakers can take better decisions against crime, generation of police intelligence, and harnessing of statistical data for local or regional strategies based on evidence.

Relevant information:

The Strengthening Public Security project offers a direct and on-site companionship from UNODC personnel at the offices of the Agency to diagnose. This perspective helps both parts to have a direct and more secure communication and information sharing; it also opens the possibilities to give a more accurate analysis of the general Strategies and the individual responsible areas involved.





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