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What is a Local Safety Audit?

It is a methodological tool for acquiring the necessary knowledge in a given context to develop a comprehensive and exhaustive overview of current problems related to crime and insecurity in the municipality, locality or community. A Local Safety Audit is part of the process established by the United Nations’ Handbook on the crime prevention guidelines. Making them work.

What is its objective?

A Local Security Audit seeks to increase governability and governance on security and coexistence through the analysis of quantitative and qualitative information to develop prevention and security policies that respond to the identified problems and their causes at the local level.

What are its stages?


What are the expected results?

Evidence-based decision making
Understanding of social problems at their maximum level of disaggregation
Community and prevention-oriented policies
Focused intervention strategies for prevention
Targeted intervention strategies to dismantle criminal groups and illicit markets
Strengthening the Culture of Legality
Impact assessment
Reduce violence and crime
Monitoring and long-term vision

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