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Statistical Quality Assessment    

The Center of Excellence in Statistical Information on Government, Crime, Victimization and Justice evaluates the Statistical Quality degree of the crime, security and justice statistical operations.

In a Statistical Quality Assessment, the CoE analyzes the quality of each and every phase of the statistics production process, to verify its methodological rigour and its compliance with the United Nations Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics. This is done with the objective of strengthening the generation of statistics derived from administrative records, surveys or censuses.  

Which are its objectives?

A Statistical Quality Assessment seeks to:

• Improve the collection and data production process. • Increase use of official statistics by the society. • Promote a statistical culture amongst countries.

What criteria are considered to assess the Statistical Quality?

The 10 United Nations Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics: uno1

What kind of statistical processes can be evaluated?

All statistical processes that arise from the conduction of surveys, censuses or administrative records on criminal incidence, security and justice.

What grade is granted?

Three different quality grades can be obtained from the assessment process: dos2

The awarding of any of these Statistical Quality grades allows for the establishment of regular follow-up assessments and, above all, comes along with recommendations on specific activities to improve the statistical process in each stage.

Analyzed stages of the Statistical Production Processtres3
Who makes the Statistical Quality Assessment?

The Statistical Quality Assessment is conducted by an Evaluation Team, composed by 4 experts from UNODC, foreign countries National Statistical Offices (others than those from the country being assessed), and International Agencies performing the following tasks: cuatro4

Regional experiences

Argentine | Statistical Quality Assessment of the Argentine Criminal Information National Service (SNIC):

Mexico | Estimating the Quality of Data from the Offices of Crown Attorneys and Attorneys General in Mexico through the Statistical Review Model (MORE)

Uruguay | Results and improvement plan 2020-2022 of the Statistical Quality Assessment of the Public Security Management System (SGSP) of the Ministry of the Interior of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay

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