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Victimization in the region


Towards a common and robust methodology for conducting victimization surveys in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This section describes the efforts of several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as some international organizations to develop a harmonized methodology and a common questionnaire seeking to standardize the measurement of victimization in the region in order to generate comparable data.

In addition, to deepen the analysis of the Latin American context, comparable data from countries that have implemented Crime Victimization Surveys in the region are made available. Through this analysis it is possible to see how the information generated by Crime Victimization Surveys contributes to monitoring the progress of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and allows to carry out a more exhaustive analysis of the criminal phenomena.

Presentation: PDF

Inventory of victimiztion surveys in Latin America and the Caribbean (2013) (Spanish only)

■ Inventario de encestas de victimización en América Latina y el Caribe PDF

Regional meeting on victimization surveys

■ Agenda (Spanish only PDF )

■ Aide-mémoire (spanish only PDF )

■ Creation of a task force on victimization surveys in the region(spanish only PDF )

1st. LACSI Technical Meeting

■ Agenda (spanish only PDF )

■ Abstract (spanish only PDF )

■ Meeting summary (spanish only PDF )

2nd. LACSI Technical Meeting

■ Invitation (spanish only PDF )

■ Meeting summary (spanish only PDF )

3rd. LACSI Technical Meeting 

Agenda (spanish only PDF)

Meeting summary (spanish only PDF)

4th. LACSI Technical Meeting

■ Agenda (spanish only PDF )

■ Aide-Mémoire (spanish only PDF )

■ Presentations (spanish only) 

      - Wednesday May 6, 2015

• El cuestionario VICLAC nuclear PDF

             • El cuestionario VICLAC no-nuclear PDF

             • Cambios propuestos al cuestionario VICLAC PDF

     - Thursday May 7, 2015

             • ¿Cuáles son las mejores prácticas metodológicas para las encuestas de victimización? PDF

             • Diseño conceptual estadístico PDF

             • Identificación del marco muestral PDF

             • Ventajas y desventajas del modo de entrevista CAPI PDF

             • Selección del hogar, informante, edad del informante, uso de tarjetas PDF

             • Operación de Campo y sistema de monitoreo PDF

             • Prueba piloto ENUSC Chile PDF

- Friday May 8, 2015

      • Fase de análisis DANE Colombia PDF

• Fase de análisis INEGI PDF

             • Fase de divulgación PDF


5th.LACSI Technical Meeting

■ Meeting summary (spanish only PDF )

6th LACSI Technical Meeting

■ Meeting summary (Spanish only PDF )

7th LACSI Technical Meeting

■ Agenda PDF

■ Meeting report PDF

■ Presentations

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Indicators that can be generated through a victimization survey PDF

Argentina: National Victimization Survey (ENV) and public policies (a) (Spanish) PDF

Argentina: National Victimization Survey (ENV) and public policies (b) (Spanish) PDF

Perú: National Specialized Survey on Victimization (ENEVIC) and the National Statistical System (Spanish) PDF

El Salvador: Survey on Victimization and Perception of Insecurity (Spanish) PDF

Paraguay: Crime Victimization Survey 2019 and challenges in its implementation (Spanish) PDF

Jamaica: National Crime Victimization Survey (JNCVS) 2019 using LACSI PDF

Saint Lucia: Crime Victimization Survey Implementation PDF

Colombia: Coexistence and Citizen Security Survey (ECSC) (Spanish) PDF

México: National Urban Public Security Survey (ENSU) (Spanish) PDF

LACSI Initiative innovation proposals to the Working Group (English and Spanish) PDF

SDG 16 survey module initiative PDF

Conceptual framework

■ Conceptual framework (English) PDF

■ Marco conceitual (portugues) PDF

■ Cadre conceptuel (française) PDF

LACSI Questionnaires and Modules

■ Nuclear questionnaire  PDF

■ Annex questionnaire (optional crimes) PDF

■ Module 1 – Vehicle theft PDF

■ Module 2 – Theft vehicle parts PDF

■ Module 3 – Motorcycle theft PDF

■ Module 4 – Domestic burglary PDF

■ Module 5 – Robbery PDF

■ Module 6 – Theft PDF

■ Module 7 – Bank fraud PDF

■ Module 8 – Consumer fraud PDF

■ Module 9 – Bribery PDF

■ Module 10 – Assalut PDF

■ Module 11 – Threats PDF

■ Module 12 – Extortion PDF

■ Module A – Theft inside the vehicle PDF

■ Module B – Bicycle theft PDF

■ Module C – Vandalism PDF

■ Module D – Homicide PDF

■ Module E – Kidnapping PDF

■ Questionarios VICLAC - Versão em português .ZIP

■ Questionnaires VICLAC - Version française .ZIP