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Measurement of illicit financial flows related to criminal activities for SDG indicator 16.4.1

Towards a global methodology for measuring illicit financial flows.

This section documents the effort of several Latin American countries to develop and apply a methodology to measure illicit financial flows with the technical support of the Center Excellence on Government, Crime, Victimization and Justice. This initiative stems from indicator 16.4.1 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which was defined to measure the "total value of inward and outward illicit financial flows (in current United States dollars)".

First Regional Technical Meeting on the Measurement of Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs), November 22-22, 2018

■ Agenda PDF

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■ Money laundering prevention, Rolando R. Johnson, Panama PDF

■ Combatting illicit economies, Javier Alberto Gutiérrez lópez, Colombia PDF

■ Combatting transnacional crime, Indah Isniati, Indonesia PDF

■ Mesuring illicit activites, Máximo Fajardo Castillo, Peru PDF

■ Sattelite account of the illicit economy, Raúl Figueroa, Mexico PDF

■ Advances in building a statistical framework to measure IFFs, Enrico Bisogno, UNODC PDF

■ Methodological approach to measure drug traffincking related IFFs, Federico Sallusti PDF

■ IFFs related to income management acivities, Alberto Aziani, Transcrime PDF

Mismatch between physical movement of goods and IFFs, Federico Sallusti PDF


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