The Management System of Public Safety of Uruguay is under Statistical Quality Assessment

From October 21st through 25th, the team of the Center of Excellence in Statistical Information on Government, Crime, Victimization and Justice (CoE) visited the Ministry of Interior of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay to follow up the Statistical Quality Assessment of the Management System of Public Safety (SGSP for its Spanish initials). Among the activities carried out, the following stand out:

  • Quality attributes review of the statistical process such as relevance, methodological rigor, completeness, coverage, opportunity, integrity, transparency, equitable access, among others.
  • Metrics computations to measure completeness, opportunity, validity, uniqueness, consistency and precision of the data.
  • Interviews with prosecutors who are users of the SGSP that follow up crime events at the Office of the Attorney General.

The CoE has identified good practices and areas for improvement of the SGSP, so the Ministry of Interior and the CoE will keep working jointly to expand the methodological rigor of the generated information based on the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics of the United Nations, a driven project from the IDB.Foto noticia uruguay