Bolivia and UNODC join forces to strengthen crime measurement and criminal records

Between August 19 and 23, staff from the Center of Excellence visited the cities of La Paz and Santa Cruz, where they held workshops, attended seminars and meetings with multiple actors within Bolivia’s plurinational government.
Among these activities, the Center of Excellence participated in the International Seminar on Transparency and Gender organized jointly with the Ministry of Justice and Interinstitutional Transparency of Bolivia. Within this framework, the differentiated impact of corruption according to gender was analyzed, possible causes of this problem were identified and some lines of action were proposed to measure it comprehensively. Similar topics were discussed behind closed doors in a meeting with the Vice-Ministry of Transparency and Fight against Corruption, where information was shared on the programs and projects that UNODC has consolidated in this area and that will be useful for measuring Bolivia’s anti-corruption public policies.
Similarly, the Center of Excellence, UNODC Bolivia, the Ministry of Government through the Bolivian Observatory of Citizen Security and Fight against Drugs and the National Institute of Statistics jointly organized an introductory training on the International Classification of Crimes for Statistical Purposes (ICCS) on 14 and 15 August. The workshop was attended by 30 officials from all the institutions dedicated to citizen security in Bolivia, including different branches of the national police, the Attorney General’s Office through its Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Judicial Branch and even the Penitentiary Regime. In order to promote continuity in the work on the International Classification, a series of steps were proposed that should be taken into account when articulating a roadmap for the adoption of the ICCS.
Finally, on August 16, the Center of Excellence participated in the First International Seminar on Gender Violence and Feminicide, organized by the Attorney General’s Office in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Before an influx of more than 400 people, UNODC presented aspects related to the international comparability of the administrative records of the gender-related killing of women and girls, as well as the results of the World Study on Homicide 2019.


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