Ensuring the statistical quality of the data from the Management System of Public Safety of Uruguay

From February 25 to March 1st, the CoE team visited the Interior Ministry of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay where they interviewed the responsible for the Management System of Public Safety (SGSP for its Spanish initials) which oversees and provides guidance on information input by the National Police as well as other sections in charge of statistical information analysis on violence, crime, gender policy and other external users of the system, as the Office of the Attorney General.

The system offers some great value functionalities for the users in charge of collecting data leveraging the connectivity with other government agencies like the National Civil Identification, the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries, the National Migration Office and the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR). This connectivity facilitates the way for consulting information about crime, including information of the victims, the ofenders and the context of the crime. On the other side, the SGSP is also used in the Criminal Justice System by the Office of the Attorney General to prosecute crimes.

The Interior Ministry and the CoE will work together in a Statistical Quality Assessment to improve methodological rigor of the generated information based on the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics of the United Nations, a driven project from the IDB.