The Center of Excellence gives a workshop on the measurement of corruption to the Comptroller General of Mexico City

The UNODC-INEGI Center of Excellence, in collaboration with the Liaison and Partnership Office of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Mexico (LPOMEX), conducted the workshop “Key Measurement Aspects for the Assessment of Procedures and Services” for the technical staff of the Comptroller General of Mexico City (CGCDMX).

In the facilities of the Laboratory for the City, and under the cooperation framework of the project “Technical and Strategic Strengthening Program for the Prevention of Corruption in Mexico City” jointly developed by the LPOMEX and the CGCDMX, the staff from the Center Excellence presented the main results of different indexes and tools for measuring corruption, to use them as inputs for the generation of policies to prevent and combat corruption. In particular, the results of the National Survey on Quality and Government Impact 2015 were presented, and then its results were compared with other indexes developed by Transparency Mexico and the University of the Americas – Puebla.

With the participation of almost 50 civil servants, the workshop managed to generate a space for reflection and self-criticism, aimed at strengthening the CGCDMX’s policy of regulatory improvement through the Mobile Comptroller’s Office. The staff responsible for implementing this program discussed aspects of measurement, sustainability and impact, and how these aspects enrich policies to prevent and combat corruption.

The staff of the Center of Excellence and the Comptroller General will continue to work together to review and evaluate their intervention programs in order to strengthen their measurement and impact assessment schemes.



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